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TinyTap – I really like this iPad app and have seen how powerfully it can be used for learners of all ages. Enjoy this video that shows a little about the genesis of this app and how it is being … Continue reading

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Power of Yet

Carol Dweck’s concept of the Growth and Fixed Mindset has been circulating for a while now. It might seem overly simplistic to divide learners between just these two categories but it is really a very powerful game-changer. She says more about her … Continue reading

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Math Magic

Mathematics is something that some love and others hate. i know many who have decided that they are just not the mathematics kind and often their eyes glaze over at the very thought of having to calculate. i found it … Continue reading

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Video Killed the Radio Star

Video Killed the Radio Star, an old song from the 80’s about a singer whose career was cut short because of television. Since then, video has gone beyond the television and it has become a very popular and accessible medium … Continue reading

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Gr8 8

This is good brain stuff. While this is entitled how youths learn, I reckon that the 8 points are possibly as important for learners of all ages, and for all manner of leaning. 1. I feel okay 2. It matters. … Continue reading

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Poetry in Motion

On an arts television programme, it was initially surprising that it profiled an engineer.  As it showed the process and products of Tomataka Takashi, there is no doubt that he is in every way an artist. The aesthetics (or should … Continue reading

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Origami is a fascinating way of transforming a piece of paper into three-dimensional objects – almost any object that one can fancy. Is there a place for origami in the classroom? Yes, I think the opportunities are just waiting to … Continue reading

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