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Hour of Code

It has been a wonderful learning journey getting ready for today’s Hour of Code which took place across 16 libraries and had around 500 seniors participating.  The participants were introduced to and guided in their use of the Playgrounds app … Continue reading

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Touch and Tap

One of the concerns with the introduction of screens in learning is that the young ones will lose all touch with real things and only deal with the virtual and digital. The two are not mutually exclusive. Instead, when paired … Continue reading

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Eye Aye to Learners Creating

Can TinyTap be used for older learners? Why not? Take a look at what I have just created here:  http://www.tinytap.it/activities/g1n9a/play/eye-aye Here is an example of what could have been created by an upper grade class. (Yes, not created for, but by the … Continue reading

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Spot the Difference

One of the difficulties when learning Mandarin is the ability to differentiate between similar sounds, and also for the same sound, the different tones. So, I attempted to create a fun and different reader based on the j-q minimal pair. … Continue reading

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TinyTap – I really like this iPad app and have seen how powerfully it can be used for learners of all ages. Enjoy this video that shows a little about the genesis of this app and how it is being … Continue reading

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Chinese Birds of a Feather

The few feedback I have received for Chinese Animal Crackers have been largely positive.  Even while that those vibes were coming in, I had started on a second package based on the same concept and I am delighted to present … Continue reading

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Poetry in Motion

On an arts television programme, it was initially surprising that it profiled an engineer.  As it showed the process and products of Tomataka Takashi, there is no doubt that he is in every way an artist. The aesthetics (or should … Continue reading

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