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The More We Get Together

What madness made me take on such a voluntary community project? It did seem like a very brilliant idea at the start and it remains so because it is about many things which are close to my heart. Time for … Continue reading

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Yeshvin’s Outing

Preschooler Yeshvin created his first TinyTap game together with Teacher Magdalene. I caught up with Teacher Magdalene about their experience. They first read the book Mr Gumpy’s Outing and then played Teacher Magdalene’s TinyTap game Mr Gumpy. Yeshvin was … Continue reading

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Touch and Tap

One of the concerns with the introduction of screens in learning is that the young ones will lose all touch with real things and only deal with the virtual and digital. The two are not mutually exclusive. Instead, when paired … Continue reading

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Maker in Action

Today I was at the Makers Faire and was blessed with the chance to have a booth for the afternoon to showcase Game Enough to Learn. It was a joy seeing the various parents and their children, and a fiesty … Continue reading

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It’s a Tie

My newest TinyTap creation, It’s A Tie, is based on colours. It also includes fruits and the asking of questions.  It was also fun experimenting a little more with Procreate to illustrate in a more painterly style and in the … Continue reading

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Getting Emo

Two interesting things came up in a conversation yesterday.  A friend talked about how she gave tuition as an undergraduate to get extra income, and I made the observation that perhaps for many children, besides the academic help, they really … Continue reading

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Make a Guess

It’s been a while since my last TinyTap creation. Have been thinking about readers for young language learners and last night, I had the inspiration for this simole story that will also introduce the different parts of the body.  For … Continue reading

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