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Asian Picture Books

In a recent writing project, I needed to look for some local picture books related to a topic. As these are not only non-fiction titles, finding a good listing was really quite a task. I found myself exploring the shelves … Continue reading

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I have had this idea for a while: to create a learning resource that makes use of choice like perhaps those “choose your own adventure” stories. For a while, I was not able to come up with a simple yet … Continue reading

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Best Foot Forward

TinyTap regularly has new features and these have made this wonderful app even better for learning. The newest feature is that of curating games to create courses. Once a course is created, the learner¬†will have to follow the sequence. A … Continue reading

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Arts in Eldercare

I had a wonderful day of learning at the Arts in Eldercare Seminar yesterday. Listening to the many leaders in this area of work and research from various parts of the world was most enlightening and inspiring. Tim Carpenter, Founder … Continue reading

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Multitouch Memories

With the technology available today, it is really quite easy for our¬†seniors to be able capture their memories, thoughts and insights in multimedia and with multi-touch touch features. Many may find it a little intimidating. I think that TinyTap is … Continue reading

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Party Hats

I am experimenting with a mathematics-based story, and also included characters based on animals from southeast asia. Is the concept of addition too complex to introduce to the very young? Or is this too simple when it comes to … Continue reading

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Give-away: Doodling-Colouring Journal

In this past month, I have taken more time to explore how else learning can take place online. There are now more platforms for online courses, such as Udemy and Coursera, and there are also more ways to publish online. … Continue reading

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