Voices of Seniors on TinyTap

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Last Friday, I was able to spend an hour with some senior friends at an activity centre in Ang Mo Kio. As we had only 1 iPad to work with, we created a TinyTap game collectively with a focus on using Sound Boards.


Each participant was given the chance to circle out a spot on the image and add their own audio recording. While they had some difficulty reading English, the colourful icons were enough for them to participate actively.

What is wonderful is the range of language that they spoke in, and the quietest actually had beautifully composed lines and nuggets to share. Not forgetting the burst of laughter in between that captured the joy and energy of this seniors. This truly reflects the unique real-life language soundscape.

There is such tremendous potential of seniors using TinyTap to capture and share not just their memories but also the gleanings from their rich life experience. I am excited about this. Are you too?

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I took part in Inktober for the third time this year. Inktober is a month-long challenge in October every year to create an ink drawing every day.

For the first time, I used the official prompt (see it below). It was interesting and also challenging coming up with a response each time. I posted my drawings on my Instagram account and then repost that to Facebook.

Typically, I would give myself less than 30 minutes each morning to draw. I used a small moleskin sketchbook given to me many years ago, and I drew quite small too. First a quick sketch in pencil and then inking in. Completed all 31.

I used puns and contrast for humour, and most of them turned out looking like possible kidlit illustrations.

It was fun.

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Hour of Code

It has been a wonderful learning journey getting ready for today’s Hour of Code which took place across 16 libraries and had around 500 seniors participating. 

The participants were introduced to and guided in their use of the Playgrounds app to Learning Swift coding. The facilitators are Silver IT Wellness Ambassadors and I met them twice to help them become more familiar with the app. Their enthusiasm and interest in learning is inspiring.

For today, my task was to facilitate the session in Chinatown Library, the only one conducted in Mandarin. With the good help of a SIWA facilitator , Mdm Yam, and a team of young guides, we had a fun time of learning. Once again, the level of enthusiasm and the spirit of willingness to learn is as amazing as it is encouraging to me. 

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Silent B’s

Here’s my latest TinyTap story-game http://www.tinytap.it/activities/g2f7a/silent-bs

Introducing some words ending with silent b’s through this baby brother adventure story. I have used the Houdini effect so that if the reader taps on those words while reading, a bee would appear. 

But it is pretty much a discovery by chance for the reader and I wonder how many would. It is fun and if the reader does use this feature, it means that the words have been spotted and that’s good. Or is this just gratituous use of the feature?
The inspiration struck me when I saw the word “climber” on the back of a t-shirt while on a crowded train. I then did a search for words ending with silent b and the list looked like it could be spun into a story. The illustrations, done using Procreate on the iPad, and creation of the TinyTap story-game were done within 3 hours in one sitting last night.

Did you like the off-set effect on the colours for the illustrations?

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Flip-Flaps & Flights of Fancy

For almost 10 years now, a group of us meets once a month to exchange Artist Trading Cards (ATCs). At each session, we would try out new techniques or learn more about some form of art. For the many times which I facilitated this, it never fails to amaze me to see the creativity that is brought forward in under an hour.

In last night’s meet-up, I shared about this technique I called Flip-Flap which was about using flaps of coloured paper to create an ATC with layers and elements of surprise. I created 2 samples, one of which can be seen in the collage above. With these, I explained briefly what we were going to try and passed my samples around. No templates and since this was something I came up with, there were also no other samples online to search for.

Initially, almost everyone was complaining about how difficult this was and how they did not know where to start nor did they feel creative. Still, everyone just started sketching, cutting and experimenting. We gave each other some suggestions, and for nearly an hour, we just kept at it.

Look at what was finally created! Each one a different idea and unique in its own way.  Such amazing creativity isn’t it?

Their interest, a trust in the process, a safe environment to experiment, one even commented jokingly about “having no choice but to do it” – all or any of these could have been helpful to bringing about such creative expressions.

As always, I am most delighted with activities that bring out our innate inventiveness rather than one that aims for “pretty”, cookie-cutter pieces of art. What about you?

Join us every second Thursday at 7 pm at Bishan Library.





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Game Enough to Learn – Reviews

img_2461.jpgI have had the privilege of conducting Game Enough to Learn workshops for preschool teachers who support children with their language learning. Beyond learning to use TinyTap, my hope is that they would feel more confident and bring their creativity to leveraging on technology in supporting good learning. The three sessions thus far have been delightful with these teachers who are all open and passionate about what they are doing.

Here are some of the positive feedback which I have received for which I am grateful:

“Mr Moses shares selflessly his knowledge with the class.”

“Had fun. Very practical ideas. Very meaningful and useful. Hope to implement in my classroom with children. Idea of course is great! The trainer was patient and taught in correct pace. “
“It is a very interactive workshop. Mr Moses gave very clear explanation. It will be useful to create games with the children.”
“This workshop has made me see that we can create interesting games that we can use in class that is tailored for our children.”
What is keeping more teachers, parents and illustrator-authors from discovering this wonderful tool?
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Invitation: Squiggle

I hope to have at least 50 people join me in a small scale challenge. Can I count on you?

This is inspired by something I use to see regularly in magazines where a squiggle is given and readers are invited to extend it into a fuller drawing.

Here’s the squiggle I drew and the invitation is to make this into a full drawing. You could do this digitally, print and draw then send me a photo of your drawing, or replicate these squiggle by hand and then send a photo of your completed drawing. It would help if your submissions are as clear as possible.

50 entries, if I do hit that number, will be compiled into an e-book.

The submissions should come to me by Tuesday, 12 Sep and the ebook will be out before the end of September.

I hope you would indulge me to play along and send your drawings to me at pauseability@gmail.com.

Very much looking forward to seeing your creative responses.

UPDATE (16 Sep): The ebook is now available at https://payhip.com/b/3xgO.

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