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Creating Creativity

In “The Agile Mind – How Your Brain Makes Creativity Happen”, Estanislao Bachrach shared the two important conclusions from a 2009 study by Clayton Christensen, a professor at Harvard Business School.  The six-year study was carried out on three thousand … Continue reading

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Eat, Write, Draw

I had the pleasure of attending a 6-session workshop organised by National Library Board (isn’t our library amazing!) led by accomplished comic artist Koh Hong Teng. It started with the submission of a food-theme idea and a sample of my … Continue reading

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Science of Learning

Have you heard of learning scientists? Or learning engineers? These are the experts in how we learn and who are able to help us apply this knowledge in the design of learning experiences. But they are not the same as teachers though. … Continue reading

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Power of Yet

Carol Dweck’s concept of the Growth and Fixed Mindset has been circulating for a while now. It might seem overly simplistic to divide learners between just these two categories but it is really a very powerful game-changer. She says more about her … Continue reading

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Listening is a skill that needs to be learned. Let’s hear what Peter Senge has to say: “To listen fully means to pay close attention to what is being said beneath the words. You listen not only to the ‘music,’ … Continue reading

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Move It

This is not a post about exercise and sports, not entirely at least. In trying to find out more about language learning, I came across Total Physical Response, or TPR in short. It is a method of language acquisition that … Continue reading

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Gr8 8

This is good brain stuff. While this is entitled how youths learn, I reckon that the 8 points are possibly as important for learners of all ages, and for all manner of leaning. 1. I feel okay 2. It matters. … Continue reading

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