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Memory Booster

Look carefully at this picture of Brainy. If you close your eyes now, can you remember the 5 items he has? Well, that’s the idea behind my latest TinyTap creation that uses the revised Soundboard feature. It is now possible … Continue reading

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This is probably one of the fastest I have ever been in creating a new TinyTap resource. Here’s my retelling of the famous fairy tale Nightingale. The text was written in rhyme (call me crazy) and then I created … Continue reading

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Publishing on Kindle

Bobo is a picture book written a while back, and recently, an additional section that shows the recipe for Bobo Chacha was added. With it already in PDF format, I explored and successfully published it on Amazon for Kindle. (Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Date with Little Prince

This is a rather late post. In my second collaboration with Marinate (which will be officially open on 7 Jan 2018), we created another immersive dinning experience – Date with Little Prince on 18 and 25 Nov 2017. As before, … Continue reading

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I took part in Inktober for the third time this year. Inktober is a month-long challenge in October every year to create an ink drawing every day. For the first time, I used the official prompt (see it below). It … Continue reading

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Silent B’s

Here’s my latest TinyTap story-game Introducing some words ending with silent b’s through this baby brother adventure story. I have used the Houdini effect so that if the reader taps on those words while reading, a bee would appear.  … Continue reading

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Invitation: Squiggle

I hope to have at least 50 people join me in a small scale challenge. Can I count on you? This is inspired by something I use to see regularly in magazines where a squiggle is given and readers are … Continue reading

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