Poetry in Motion

On an arts television programme, it was initially surprising that it profiled an engineer.  As it showed the process and products of Tomataka Takashi, there is no doubt that he is in every way an artist.

The aesthetics (or should that be ecstatic? haha) of the female robot is an artful combination of mechanical finesse, clever programming with a careful study of form and shape.

Design is already such an integral part of our technology devices. The elegance and unobtrusive ergonomics creates such natural user experiences and make us bond with our devices.

Do we have enough opportunity in school to give the focus to aesthetics and design, and to heighten awareness of their impact on us? We should better leverage on the time traditionally set aside for the arts but which might have been given the backseat a little too often.

How about exposing our students to programming? If we are keen to start off with the programming, you can consider the Hopscotch app.

As we stand at the threshold of accessible 3D printing, I think the possibilities for something akin to the work of Tomotaka Takashi for our students is just waiting for us to exploit.

On the note of engineering and art, here is another video worth watching.


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One Response to Poetry in Motion

  1. Aaron says:

    Thank you for writing about him. I enjoyed the show and I loved how he formed his plastic parts using a simple heating gun and a vacuum cleaner. Back to basics and yet so effective.


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