About Moses

Moses Sia is an educator at large. He spent 15 years with the Singapore Education Ministry as a secondary school teacher, then a educational technology officer and finally as a school leader in primary school. Following that, he expanded his horizon and experiences as a sole proprietor exploring, learning and teaching – always with a heart for learning. He has since worked with pre-service teachers, in-service teachers from kindergarten to tertiary institutions, as well as facilitated workshops for the young to the old in creativity, art, pedagogy and the use of educational technology.

In July 2013, he started working in Bandung, Indonesia at Stamford International School.

You can also read his other blogs:

pauseability.blogspot.com on art, creativity and artist trading cards (ATCs)

pauseability.weebly.com on his stay in Bandung, Indonesia

Business-related websites:

pauseability.wordpress.com the main Pauseability website

arhymingtern.weebly.com A Rhyming Tern for art-based learning resources

Thank you for dropping by.

Reach Moses via email at pauseability (at) gmail.com

Learn to Pause, Pause to Learn


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