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Creating Creativity

In “The Agile Mind – How Your Brain Makes Creativity Happen”, Estanislao Bachrach shared the two important conclusions from a 2009 study by Clayton Christensen, a professor at Harvard Business School.  The six-year study was carried out on three thousand … Continue reading

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Service Learning for Early Learners

It is never too young to provide opportunities for young learners to contribute to the community, and so much the better when using the approach of Service Learning in which both the service and learning components are equally important. What a … Continue reading

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Thinking, Learning and Training

I am glad to have been given the opportunity to contribute a chapter to the book Thinking, Learning and Training. This was a project initiated by Siew Ning, a lecturer at SMU. I expanded on an idea which I had … Continue reading

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A Delightful Decade

Pauseability was registered with ACRA on 1 May 2007. So, today marks the 10 year milestone. A good juncture for some reflections, thanksgiving and celebrations. I started off on this journey of learning more about innovation and enterprise through experience with a gung-ho … Continue reading

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Asian Picture Books

In a recent writing project, I needed to look for some local picture books related to a topic. As these are not only non-fiction titles, finding a good listing was really quite a task. I found myself exploring the shelves … Continue reading

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In their book Surprise, Tania and LeeAnn share how we can understand the science of surprise to embrace the unpredictable and even to engineer the unexpected so as to improve our work, relationships, and even learning. Whether pleasant or rudely shocking, we … Continue reading

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DIY – Drive It Yourself

In Daniel Pink’s book Drive, he examines the research about motivation and presented that instead of extrinsic rewards as motivators, motivation is essentially intrinsic. He listed three aspects of this intrinsic motivation as autonomy, mastery and purpose. Oddly, it is … Continue reading

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