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A Spot of Art

Art as process and as a way to unwind have always been important to me in both my own explorations and in my invitation to others to try it out for themselves. Being able to make art digitally definitely opens … Continue reading

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Circle, Circle, Circus

Recently, I had the privilege of running an Artsplorer series with a group of homeschoolers age ranging from 6 to 10 years old. It was just three meetings built around using circles called Circle, Circle, Circus. We explored the elements … Continue reading

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Touch and Tap

One of the concerns with the introduction of screens in learning is that the young ones will lose all touch with real things and only deal with the virtual and digital. The two are not mutually exclusive. Instead, when paired … Continue reading

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You Can Do It Too

Earlier this week, I received news that My Mouthful Monster Party TinyTap game, which was created in Sep 2015, has been played over 1000 times. It is my wish to share the process of creating such interactive games with more … Continue reading

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Chinese Birds of a Feather

The few feedback I have received for Chinese Animal Crackers have been largely positive.  Even while that those vibes were coming in, I had started on a second package based on the same concept and I am delighted to present … Continue reading

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Poetry in Motion

On an arts television programme, it was initially surprising that it profiled an engineer.  As it showed the process and products of Tomataka Takashi, there is no doubt that he is in every way an artist. The aesthetics (or should … Continue reading

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“There are no mistakes in drawing,” and his advice at the end of this clip about dealing with mistakes is precious. Our attitude towards making and dealing with mistakes could reflect how averse one is to risk. In recognition of … Continue reading

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