Origami is a fascinating way of transforming a piece of paper into three-dimensional objects – almost any object that one can fancy. Is there a place for origami in the classroom? Yes, I think the opportunities are just waiting to be unfolded (pardon the pun).

Basic origami starts with a square piece of paper. That in itself would be a useful activity when introducing younger ones to shapes, and then fractions. The tactile experience, and the colours and patterns of the paper used also offer a multi-sensory experience. There is also the fine-motor skills and attention to detail required, not to mention the possible spatial thinking required.

The objects that can be created can also be linked to all manner of content – animals, flowers, insects, boxes and furniture.

Then there are origami-related story such as the one about the cranes or about scientists who learnt to better pack space-equipment using the principles of origami.

(Here is a good example to consider. More tips here.)

There are many iPad apps for origami and many of them are free, as well as the many Youtube videos for folding origami.


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