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IMHO: Is everyone creative?

Capacity and preference. We can all be creative but not all of us exercise our creativity all the time. The ability to form and see new connections is in all of us, some do so frequently and it seems natural … Continue reading

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IMHO: What is creativity?

What is creativity? Novel, and useful. The first and foremost feature of anything creative would be its freshness. Whether something is new is of course subjective. There would be different things we have not experienced nor thought about before, and … Continue reading

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Mind Your Language

Living in a multi-lingual environment like Singapore is interesting, and yet not something that we very much tap into. While we have to learn at least 2 languages in school, and many already bemoan having to do so, most of … Continue reading

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Create Books

Besides iBooks Author, another cool iBook authoring tool that works on the iPad is Book Creator. It is simple enough even for preschoolers to work with while having enough functions to make a multi-media, multi-touch book. You can add text, … Continue reading

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