Asian Picture Books

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In a recent writing project, I needed to look for some local picture books related to a topic. As these are not only non-fiction titles, finding a good listing was really quite a task. I found myself exploring the shelves of Singapore published picture books at our library and realised that there are many wonderful titles (though admittedly, the quality is not consistently high).

While there are many sites listing and reviewing picture books, they are almost always about books published outside of Asia. While the industry in Asa might be comparatively new, there are some wonderful titles which need greater exposure.

For parents and teachers, I know that a collection of listing and reviews for Asian picture books would be a much appreciated resource. Especially when supporting early learners in learner-driven project work.

So, here goes my stab at gathering a community to create such a site. Find out more at the site and I hope to hear from you.

Join me, won’t you?


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