Service Learning for Early Learners

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It is never too young to provide opportunities for young learners to contribute to the community, and so much the better when using the approach of Service Learning in which both the service and learning components are equally important.

What a privilege it was to be able to help in conceptualising, writing and doing the lay-out for this Service Learning guide.

In conceptualising this guide, I also brought in ideas of learner-led project work. With that, I recommended a 3-phase ARC stages of Anticipating, Recording, Consolidating. Service Learning could stem from a service opportunity or a learning experience into which service could be introduced.

In Anticipating, it involves planning but also keeping open the chance for the learners’ voice to be included in shaping the Service Learning. The Recording during the execution will help both the teacher-facilitator and the learners to keep in mind the learning components as well as help in the concluding processes of reflection and sharing which form the Consolidation phase.

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It is my hope that as the guide goes out to Early Learning Centres around the island, it will help in creating many meaningful and memorable giving and learning experiences for our young ones. Start small and dream big little ones!


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