Duan Wu Festival


It started with doodling this morning. This being Duan Wu Festival, I randomly drew this. While I know the legend of Qu Yuan that is the origin of this festival, I realised that I do not know what Duan Wu 端午 referred to. There are apparently many names for this festival, and many variations as to how Duan Wu came about. In this game, I chose a simple to understand version. Curious? Play the game then. Haha!

I learned about this naming system for things like time of a day and also months of a year. More reading up is needed to find out the history behind this. Here are the 12 words in order.

子(zǐ) 、丑(chǒu) 、寅(yín) 、卯(mǎo) 、辰(chén) 、巳(sì) 、午(wǔ) 、未(wèi)、申(shēn) 、酉(yǒu) 、戌(xū) 、亥(hài)

For the hours of a day counting in 12 pairs, it starts from 11 pm at night. For months of the lunar year, it starts with the 11th month, followed by the 12th and then the 1st and so on. So Duan Wu which falls on the 5th month, which you will see then is the 7th word which is 午.

Interesting isn’t it?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, different hour is associated with different parts of our body.

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