Publishing on Kindle

Bobo is a picture book written a while back, and recently, an additional section that shows the recipe for Bobo Chacha was added. With it already in PDF format, I explored and successfully published it on Amazon for Kindle.


(Unfortunately, Kindle books are not available for Singapore-registered Amazon accounts. Hopefully it will be soon. Only 13 Kindle stores for now, including US, UK and Japan.)

Here ‘s a quick run-down on the relatively simple process of creating this Kindle Picture Book:

  • Downloaded the Kindle Kids’ Book Creator
  • As I already had the book in PDF, it was really easy to upload.
  • Added the text pop-up for the text on each page.
  • Save for publishing.
  • Sign-in at Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Set up account such as how payment will be made and fill-in tax-form.
  • Upload the .mobi file. (As my original page size is not the required cover page size, had to create that to upload.)
  • Done!

If you do get to read this book on Kindle, could you let me know how you felt?

If you are keen to work on a picture book for Kindle, do reach out to me too.

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Illustrated Recipe

I am working on a self-published digital picture book that has to do with the colourful dessert Bobo Chacha and wanted to include a recipe at the end of it. My friend Chris is a wonderful cook, so who better to get a recipe from.

As I wanted to illustrate this recipe for the book, I worked on it today. What better than using these illustrations for a TinyTap creation as well. So here it is:

And that’s a bowl of Bobo Chacha, aka Bubur Cha Cha, which Chris cooked as she wrote this recipe.

Did you know that sweet potatoes come in so many colours?

If you do try this out, send me a picture won’t you?

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Date with Little Prince

This is a rather late post.

In my second collaboration with Marinate (which will be officially open on 7 Jan 2018), we created another immersive dinning experience – Date with Little Prince on 18 and 25 Nov 2017.

As before, Betsy, Edward and I discussed and toyed with several ideas at the beginning stage. Finally, we went with the idea of a huge board game that involved all diners and this eventually became a dramatic presentation with theatre games thrown in for everyone.

After reading through the Little Prince story again, and again, soaking it in, I wrote a monologue featuring the pilot many years after meeting Little Prince and reminiscing. In total, we went with 7 segments with each one ending with a line from the Little Prince.

Edward designed a wonderful 7-course dinner to match each episode, and food was served after each piece of monologue. Rita valiantly took on the role of the pilot.

The diners were “assigned” the role of reading out the line from Little Prince and took their turns depending on the icon on the envelope they were given. I was the “game master” and the “prompter” with my special chime to cue them.

For the two nights, the diners were wonderfully game in taking on their roles and some really showed flare and spoke their lines with zest and creativity. They also appreciated how the food tied-in with the drama.

Each diner went home with a Little Prince puppet they made and enjoyed a special slow meal with friends new and old, and most definitely created pleasant memories of a Date with Little Prince.

I certainly enjoyed this one-of-a-kind artful and heart-ful experience.

Here’s wishing Betsy and Edward all the best in their Marinate venture as they invite everyone to soak in life’s flavours.

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Reminiscing with Dad

It has been something on my mind for a while to do and finally got round too. Talking through some of the few old photos that my dad has with him.

The Say Something and Sound Board features of TinyTap makes it wonderfully simple to create interactive multimedia photo albums, just like the recent art albums co-created with some seniors. This time, I took shots of the old photos with my iPad, cropped them, and they are ready for use in TinyTap in under half an hour.

At 80, my dad’s eyesight is not exactly at the best and so at times, so I had to enlarge the shots on the iPad to help him see much better. He might not be able to recall many details but did find it amusing enough to hear his recorded voice which he said didn’t sound like him. It was as much making a TinyTap creation together as it was a lovely conversation with him.

After that I added the subtitles, and it is ready to be shared.

What do you think of it?

I certainly look forward to doing more of this with more seniors.

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Art Residency with Seniors

I recently had the privilege of creating art as part of an residency at a nursing home. This is an AIC-NAC pilot and I am glad to have been a part of this meaningful project.
Starting with making faces, they then created the bodies and clothing and the setting together with tables and chairs to make the final artwork, one of which is seen above. That’s not all though. Using TinyTap, they added their voices too (links below).

While initially I had thought that the participants could do more, I did end up simplifying or rather breaking into many guided steps. However, I am happy that the element of each participant creating something unique and personal was still possible. Very happy to see their creativity shine through, and hopefully with more exposure to art making, their techniques can be more confident.


One of the most encouraging moment was when I was told that one of the participant’s face lit up when she was told that there would be art session that day, and later I saw that she came prepared for the session. She had cut out patterns for the clothing and also a rose pattern she had found in a magazine. The rose pattern fitted perfectly around the window in the artwork.


In my initial plan, each session included a round of group sharing about what they have made for that day. However, this was not possible as many of them were not as ready to speak, and a few of them have enough stamina only to complete the art making. Like everyone, they also needed time to warm up to working as a group. Some were a little less patient with those who were a little slower.

When we finally did the recording, a few of them surprised me when the sang with great gusto.

I must also add that the staff’ members’ warmth and delight in seeing what the participants made went a long way.

One of my concerns at this point is how to present the participants artwork so that it does not come across as being too “preschool-ish”. Yet, I recognise that these participants did not seem to have had much experience in art making, and in some cases, do have to work around some limitation. So, as a first effort, they have done really well even if without the background context, their art might seem immature.

Do take a look at their TinyTap art album and let me know how you feel. There will be a public exhibition in mid-March next year too.

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Voices of Seniors on TinyTap

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 9.46.18 PM

Last Friday, I was able to spend an hour with some senior friends at an activity centre in Ang Mo Kio. As we had only 1 iPad to work with, we created a TinyTap game collectively with a focus on using Sound Boards.

Each participant was given the chance to circle out a spot on the image and add their own audio recording. While they had some difficulty reading English, the colourful icons were enough for them to participate actively.

What is wonderful is the range of language that they spoke in, and the quietest actually had beautifully composed lines and nuggets to share. Not forgetting the burst of laughter in between that captured the joy and energy of this seniors. This truly reflects the unique real-life language soundscape.

There is such tremendous potential of seniors using TinyTap to capture and share not just their memories but also the gleanings from their rich life experience. I am excited about this. Are you too?

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I took part in Inktober for the third time this year. Inktober is a month-long challenge in October every year to create an ink drawing every day.

For the first time, I used the official prompt (see it below). It was interesting and also challenging coming up with a response each time. I posted my drawings on my Instagram account and then repost that to Facebook.

Typically, I would give myself less than 30 minutes each morning to draw. I used a small moleskin sketchbook given to me many years ago, and I drew quite small too. First a quick sketch in pencil and then inking in. Completed all 31.

I used puns and contrast for humour, and most of them turned out looking like possible kidlit illustrations.

It was fun.

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