Empathy Embodied

Recently, I had the privilege of being with a group of passionate and inventive Social Entrepreneurs. While I was invited there for an opportunity to hone my Graphic Recording skills, I had the chance to fully participate in one segment of the workshop.

As part of the Discover phase of Human Centred Design, the task given was to have a team member go for lunch on a wheelchair, and it was not just to the office canteen at that, but at a hawker centre a few MRT stations away.

In the process, my role was as an observer and at some point, a caregiver. This certainly heightened our appreciation of the physical environment, the conveniences as well as the limitations. We were able to understand how someone in a wheelchair might not be an independent as he might wish to be.

Besides this activity, it was also great finding out about the various kinds of Social Enterprises that the participants are involved in. For instance, Keith, the team-mate in the wheelchair, started Captain Panda to help children with special needs but who are not able to get a subsidised place which best fits them. Marc works with Artsolute which aspires to create a caring and active society through the arts.

The support which raiSE, the Centre for Social Enterprise, provides, such as the workshop I was a part of, certainly goes a long way. You can find out about the variety of SEs in Singapore using raiSE’s directory.

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Giveaway: M Leo Clipart

MLeo Montage

In celebration of Singapore’s 52nd birthday on 9 August, I have put together a set of brand new original clipart to give to you for FREE till end of August 2017. Hope you like M Leo.

Here are the links:

On Payhip: https://payhip.com/b/MywR (Unlimited downloads here)

On Teacher’s Notebook: https://www.teachersnotebook.com/product/Pauseability/clipart-m-leo (Only from 28 July and 10 sets given away at this link)

As stickers on Mojimomo: https://mojilala.com/imessage-stickers/id1263684131

Inspired by our iconic merlion though admittedly M Leo looks more like a cute cat than a lion. Just a fortnight ago, I created the first of something similar which were emoji ice creams. I then explored selling these ice creams as Line stickers (which might already a passe thingy), and while I was at it, I packaged them as clipart too.

These were created using the Inkpad on the iPad. I find the process of creating to be great fun, and short of sounding conceited, I pretty much smiles whenever I look at these kawaii creations. I have not gathered enough feedback to know whether others feel the same about them, and so if you do download, please let me have your feedback.

It would also be nice if you look at my other sets of clipart that I have or will be putting up. If you have something you think would be useful, I would love to hear from you.

Meanwhile, fellow Singaporeans, Happy National Day! Majulah Singapura!



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Where Your Heart Is

Another interesting exploration on TinyTap looking at compound words in Chinese. 


Creating the illustrations was fun in trying to convey both the meaning and the literal sense of the words. (Drawn using Adobe Sketch app.) I also hope I have been accurate in the Malay definitions I chose with the help of online translation. For the title, the phrase actually means being undecided and I was trying to play on the literal sense of the words. Hope it didn’t come across as odd or trying too hard. (Haha!)

In terms of TinyTap features, nothing fanciful was used. Should I add some animations? Would they be helpful or just distracting?

Please let me have your feedback. Thank you. 

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Creating Creativity


In “The Agile Mind – How Your Brain Makes Creativity Happen”, Estanislao Bachrach shared the two important conclusions from a 2009 study by Clayton Christensen, a professor at Harvard Business School.  The six-year study was carried out on three thousand executives and five hundred innovative entrepreneurs.

1. Five abilities distinguishes the most creative people from others:

  • better at making associations between seemingly unrelated concepts
  • curious about everything
  • have enormous concentration and attention when observing what goes on in the world and imagining how it might be different
  • experiment without fear of failure, amusing themselves until the find the best solution
  • seek out people who are different from them to challenge their ideas and expand their horizons.

2. Approximately eighty percent of our creativity can be learned and acquired.

Point 2 gives a fresh perspective on the five “abilities”, doesn’t it? These “abilities” are not inherent but rather are habits we can develop if we choose to.

What is stopping us and what can we do about it?

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Graphic Recording

With my interest in facilitation and graphics, Graphic Recording would naturally be on my radar for a while now. I am so grateful to Colin who linked me to Brenda, and Brenda has been a most generous and encouraging coach.

I was able to cut my GR-een teeth at this morning’s IAF Connect session. While listening intently comes with the task, I must say that I was also much enriched by the learning. Putting pen to paper and having to let the process create the final piece was as exhilarating as it was just a tad scary walking into the unknown and uncertain.

How appreciative I am that it turned out alright, setting me off on this journey of getting better at GR so that I can serve in this capacity too.

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Express Your Creativity

Over this weekend, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Silver IT Fest on “Sharing Your Creativity With Your iPhone”, in Mandarin on Saturday and English on Sunday.

The participants were really lively and responsive. (Look at their wonderful faces and smiles in the photo!)

When using our digital devices, we usually consider only communication and consumption (of info, entertainment, and so on) but few consider how they also bring new opportunities for creation. So, it is my hope that what I have shared has been able to inspire some participants to make their creative dreams come true.

Here are the links to PDF of my deck of slides: in Chinese  and in English.

Sample iMovie Trailers were also created at the talks. I have used photos taken on a Saturday photo-walk recently around the Rochor area and also demonstrated how easy the whole process is by inserting a photo of the audience.

If you are one of the participants, thank you for being so supportive and engaged. Keep up that spirit!

If you would like to have me for talks or workshops, do contact me at pauseability@gmail.com.

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Hide and Seek


Here’s a speedy prototype. This morning, I was thinking about spatial awareness and came up with this game that shows a place from 5 different perspectives. And so I got the graphics created and stitched together this TinyTap game very quickly.


I reckon it can be a little repetitive, a bit like the Groundhog Day movie.

Won’t you let me know what you think. Thanks.



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