Graphic Recording

With my interest in facilitation and graphics, Graphic Recording would naturally be on my radar for a while now. I am so grateful to Colin who linked me to Brenda, and Brenda has been a most generous and encouraging coach.

I was able to cut my GR-een teeth at this morning’s IAF Connect session. While listening intently comes with the task, I must say that I was also much enriched by the learning. Putting pen to paper and having to let the process create the final piece was as exhilarating as it was just a tad scary walking into the unknown and uncertain.

How appreciative I am that it turned out alright, setting me off on this journey of getting better at GR so that I can serve in this capacity too.

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Express Your Creativity

Over this weekend, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Silver IT Fest on “Sharing Your Creativity With Your iPhone”, in Mandarin on Saturday and English on Sunday.

The participants were really lively and responsive. (Look at their wonderful faces and smiles in the photo!)

When using our digital devices, we usually consider only communication and consumption (of info, entertainment, and so on) but few consider how they also bring new opportunities for creation. So, it is my hope that what I have shared has been able to inspire some participants to make their creative dreams come true.

Here are the links to PDF of my deck of slides: in Chinese  and in English.

Sample iMovie Trailers were also created at the talks. I have used photos taken on a Saturday photo-walk recently around the Rochor area and also demonstrated how easy the whole process is by inserting a photo of the audience.

If you are one of the participants, thank you for being so supportive and engaged. Keep up that spirit!

If you would like to have me for talks or workshops, do contact me at

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Hide and Seek


Here’s a speedy prototype. This morning, I was thinking about spatial awareness and came up with this game that shows a place from 5 different perspectives. And so I got the graphics created and stitched together this TinyTap game very quickly.

I reckon it can be a little repetitive, a bit like the Groundhog Day movie.

Won’t you let me know what you think. Thanks.



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Service Learning for Early Learners

FullSizeRender 2

It is never too young to provide opportunities for young learners to contribute to the community, and so much the better when using the approach of Service Learning in which both the service and learning components are equally important.

What a privilege it was to be able to help in conceptualising, writing and doing the lay-out for this Service Learning guide.

In conceptualising this guide, I also brought in ideas of learner-led project work. With that, I recommended a 3-phase ARC stages of Anticipating, Recording, Consolidating. Service Learning could stem from a service opportunity or a learning experience into which service could be introduced.

In Anticipating, it involves planning but also keeping open the chance for the learners’ voice to be included in shaping the Service Learning. The Recording during the execution will help both the teacher-facilitator and the learners to keep in mind the learning components as well as help in the concluding processes of reflection and sharing which form the Consolidation phase.

Photo 18-2-17, 11 12 46 PM.jpg

It is my hope that as the guide goes out to Early Learning Centres around the island, it will help in creating many meaningful and memorable giving and learning experiences for our young ones. Start small and dream big little ones!

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Thinking, Learning and Training

I am glad to have been given the opportunity to contribute a chapter to the book Thinking, Learning and Training. This was a project initiated by Siew Ning, a lecturer at SMU.

I expanded on an idea which I had first written here in this blog. Using the concept of Person-centred Care, I consider how this idea might apply to teaching and learning.

There was a limited print run for this book and proceeds from sales were contributed to an organisation supporting those with cerebral palsy.  I feel honoured to have been a part of this worthy cause. 

The book was published in December 2016 and has sold out.

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AFCC Teachers Congress

IMG_6150What is being done and could be done by teachers in the area of literacy and beyond? The Asian Festival of Children’s Content‘s 2-day Teacher Congress over the weekend offered a range of sessions to learn from. From multicultural picture books to dictionaries, poetry to dyslexia, scriptwriting to Moluccan music – the variety was most exciting.

Here are my brief notes:


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AFCC Writers and Illustrators Conference


Beautiful Picture Books from Indonesia

Spoilt for choice.

That’s how it felt at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content‘s Writers and Illustrators Conference that ran from 17 to 19 May. There were 6 segments for each day and an average of 4 to 5 tracks per segment. There were also free events such as book launches and readings at the Plaza. This year’s country of focus is Indonesia and the special booth showcasing Indonesian books was fabulous.

It was also fantastic to catchup with friends, especially those who attended the retreat. This would usually happen during the lunch and tea-breaks, and the food was good too.

Here are my notes from the sessions I attended.

Looking forward to the AFCC Teachers Congress over the weekend.

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