Voices of Seniors on TinyTap

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 9.46.18 PM

Last Friday, I was able to spend an hour with some senior friends at an activity centre in Ang Mo Kio. As we had only 1 iPad to work with, we created a TinyTap game collectively with a focus on using Sound Boards.


Each participant was given the chance to circle out a spot on the image and add their own audio recording. While they had some difficulty reading English, the colourful icons were enough for them to participate actively.

What is wonderful is the range of language that they spoke in, and the quietest actually had beautifully composed lines and nuggets to share. Not forgetting the burst of laughter in between that captured the joy and energy of this seniors. This truly reflects the unique real-life language soundscape.

There is such tremendous potential of seniors using TinyTap to capture and share not just their memories but also the gleanings from their rich life experience. I am excited about this. Are you too?


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An educator at large and learner at heart. Founder of Pauseability. Encouraging everyone to learn to pause, and pause to learn.
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