Giveaway: M Leo Clipart

MLeo Montage

In celebration of Singapore’s 52nd birthday on 9 August, I have put together a set of brand new original clipart to give to you for FREE till end of August 2017. Hope you like M Leo.

Here are the links:

On Payhip: (Unlimited downloads here)

On Teacher’s Notebook: (Only from 28 July and 10 sets given away at this link)

As stickers on Mojimomo:

Inspired by our iconic merlion though admittedly M Leo looks more like a cute cat than a lion. Just a fortnight ago, I created the first of something similar which were emoji ice creams. I then explored selling these ice creams as Line stickers (which might already a passe thingy), and while I was at it, I packaged them as clipart too.

These were created using the Inkpad on the iPad. I find the process of creating to be great fun, and short of sounding conceited, I pretty much smiles whenever I look at these kawaii creations. I have not gathered enough feedback to know whether others feel the same about them, and so if you do download, please let me have your feedback.

It would also be nice if you look at my other sets of clipart that I have or will be putting up. If you have something you think would be useful, I would love to hear from you.

Meanwhile, fellow Singaporeans, Happy National Day! Majulah Singapura!




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