Choose It, Say It, Link It

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For my latest TinyTap creation, there are 3 things which I would like to highlight.

Like the recent Chinese TinyTap game with the same topic, I used the idea of choice using the Sound Board feature to allow the user to create their own “story”. This “story” might be short but it did take quite a few slides to put together and the hope is that the user to keep trying out different combination. I also imagine that this is a basic form of coding which young learners could do using TinyTap.

I used the Talk or Type function as one of the games. It really was a good way to check on good pronunciation, for me the creator as a start. I learned that the ending sound for “blouse” is “z” rather than “s” and “culottes” is not pronounced as  “q-lots” but “coo-lots”.  I found out my mistakes when I tried out the game after making it. So, in my own recording, I had to make sure I got it right. Originally, I had wanted a young girl to do the voice-over. Something to work on for sure.

Lastly, to mention that when we have at least 3 games, we can link them into a playlist or a course. For a course, a “passing score” can be set for the user to move on to the next game. In this case, I created a playlist that allows the user to first read the story, then do some practice with the words (listening, reading, speaking and even spelling) before they then attempt challenges (aka tests).

Tell me if this is a good fit for you.

PS The illustrations was done using the Procreate app on the iPad. The clothing pieces were created using “digital collage”.

PPS A paperdoll in PDF version is available here:



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