Artsifying Project Work

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Learner-driven project work holds tremendous potential which I believe more educators should tap into. The keyword is “learner-driven” in contrast with an overly teacher-controlled and dictated project work.

Over the recent weekend, I visited Penang with friends from the Singapore Drama Educators Association to learn from Arts-Ed. It was an energizing and exciting study tour not only learning from Arts Ed but also from the rich conversations with fellow arts educators.

My take of what Arts Ed is doing is to infuse the arts into learner-driven project work that is beautifully anchor in the local context and culture. I hope this does justice to the wonderful work which they are doing.

We heard about a few projects and a typical example might be an engagement with a school in which students would go into the community to talk to and observe the people, place and activities, and then respond using an art form which ranged from print making and photography to dance and drama. The artefacts are then shared through various forms like zines and exhibitions.

This trip has certainly further fuelled my passion about learner-driven project work and with an added exciting dimension to further explore which is to include art forms as a medium of expression for the learner.

All these fitted so well into my vision for what I have called Learnerista. (The website is my “vision board”.) If you are keen to explore this, please do contact me.

Come on board soon!



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