Snack on Shapes

photo-20-2-17-2-37-04-pmIn my latest creation, I wanted to create a TinyTap game for introducing very young learners to listening for and saying the names of basic shapes in Mandarin Chinese and English.

The Type or Talk feature is a good fit for this. This feature enables a given blank to be filled in by speaking the answer. It is all very cool. (Needs to be played on an iPad that is connected to the internet though.)

Here’s the game:

In order to give the game a local touch, I thought using local snacks would be fun. However, I soon realised that there isn’t always a good Mandarin or English equivalent to the names of some of the snacks. I decided to go with saying it as we normally would, which is usually in a different language, since the focus is on naming the shapes. I do wonder how others feel about something like that. Perhaps the “purist” would protest.

I also ran into a limitation of the “Talk” feature when the answers are too short and there are a few variants for that spoken word or phrase.  I had originally used 圆形 but the system only gave 原形 instead as both sounded the same. So, odd as it sounded, I had to adopt an alternative word for circle 圆圈.

This has been a really good experimentation. I hope to better use the feature while overcoming some of the constraints.

For those who are keen to know about the illustrations, they were all done using Paper53 with my finger on an iPad. I did deliberately use a less than perfect drawing of each shape, and again do wonder whether that is an issue.




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