Add It – Math with TinyTap


One of the newest features in TinyTap is to be able to curate and then create a suite of learning activities to form a course or a playlist.

When creating from scratch, it allows the learning to be broken down into bite-size segments. The challenge, as with any other learning resource, is to consider how learning can be scaffolded.

Having attempted one for Chinese, I have now tried something for Math. The guiding idea here is to go from concrete to abstract so that the learner is able to have a better grasp of the underlying concept and meanings of the mathematical symbols. This might seem too difficult for the very young but yet it is most crucial for them as this will lay a string foundation for their learning in later years.

Mere rote and mechanical application might appear to offer good immediate gains  but will not be sufficient for more in-depth and complex learning later on. Perhaps, I would say that in Math, this trap is especially easy to fall into.

Have I been able to successfully to scaffold this level of learning into the way I designed this course? I hope those of you who do try it out, especially if you also do so with the younger ones, will let me have your feedback and ideas for improvement.

Here’s the link:



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