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It has been many years since, probably like 9 years, that a group would meet once a month to trade Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) and many of these have been at Bishan Library. ATCs are miniature artwork the size of playing cards which are exchanged.

Our latest meet-up was last night (and you can read about the other sessions here) and this group is as much made up of regulars as there are newcomers.

While almost all of us started of as newbies at art-making, it is obvious that for the regulars who has been at it over the long haul has felt its impact not only in greater confidence in art-making but also in being more creative. We have become artists in our own rights.

Having an interest at the start and then finding like-minded companions are important to keep us going. As a community, it is a delight to gain from the varied perspectives and experiences of the group. We have also learned much from experts both within the group as well as those invited to share now and then.

We are currently working towards our public exhibition in March. Along the way, we have staged several exhibitions too. Having this chance to showcase our creations is also helpful in pushing the boundaries of our creativity.

I truly enjoy the vibe of this group. It is a rare privilege to be part of such a nurturing casual creative community.

Thank you to each and everyone of you from the ATC at Bishan Library group. And a big thank you to Bishan Library for supporting us all these years.



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