Circle, Circle, Circus


Recently, I had the privilege of running an Artsplorer series with a group of homeschoolers age ranging from 6 to 10 years old. It was just three meetings built around using circles called Circle, Circle, Circus.

We explored the elements of art such as shape, lines and colours through the circle-related lessons. Whether it was cutting up circles to form pictures, winding strings to form patterns or mixing colours to create the colour wheel, the children were engaged and responsive although the youngest ones did find some part of the activities a little more challenging.


What I am most delighted about is that in all the artwork, the children were able to express themselves uniquely. So while there was a theme and structure, there was still enough room for exploration, play and personal expression.

colours 2.jpeg

I did make the observation that there were siblings who created very similar works (it looked to me like the younger was imitating the older) and also there were those who did not. As I was working with homeschoolers, I also wonder if these lessons were in a typical classroom, would I still see the same variety of expressions?

Hopefully the design of these lessons have encouraged this aspect.



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