Yeshvin’s Outing


Preschooler Yeshvin created his first TinyTap game together with Teacher Magdalene.

I caught up with Teacher Magdalene about their experience.

They first read the book Mr Gumpy’s Outing and then played Teacher Magdalene’s TinyTap game Mr Gumpy. Yeshvin was then encouraged to make a drawing of his outing which he brought to class 2 days later. With that, they spent 30 minutes to create Yeshvin’s game.

For Yeshvin and Magdalene, the most interesting part for them is when they played the game and could hear Yeshvin’s voice clearly.

Initially, Magdalene found it challenging to figure out what game they could create using Yeshvin’s  drawing. She was also concerned that she is still relatively new to TinyTap and confessed that she felt then that it was easier creating the game herself since creating with Yeshvin meant that she also has to consider his learning while managing his excitement. 

As for Yeshvin, he had to contain his excitement about creating with TinyTap for the first time. He also had to be patient when he had to re-do some parts such as when the tracing was not done properly or the recording could not be heard. Despite having to do some of these a few times, he did it all very well.

The game has been shared with Yeshvin’s family and his mother was glad to tell Magdalene that Yeshvin is very happy about his creation.

What a wonderful experience this has been. Thank you Magdalene for sharing.


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