Action Packed


There are 2 ways to make a TinyTap game more action packed – through the challenge mode and also using animated gifs. You can see both of these in Fun Spelling.

Photo 20-9-16, 9 23 05 AM.png

The challenge mode is available at the top right-hand corner of the creation panel. Once enabled, you can decide on the time for each activity or for the entire game, and also the number of tried for wrong answers.

After playing a game for a few times, the challenge mode can then be used as a way of getting a more detailed achievement score which includes the time taken and the number of “lives” remaining.

Photo 20-9-16, 9 22 45 AM.png

It certainly is a way to generate more excitement for a familiar game.

Animated gifs can also add action to any game. There are many which can be found online or easily created using various readily available apps. (I shall write more about this in a future post.)

In the shape puzzle, when played on the iPad, the animation only start when the puzzle is completed. That can be a small element of surprise to delight the player.

Lights! Camera! Action!



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