Touch and Tap

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One of the concerns with the introduction of screens in learning is that the young ones will lose all touch with real things and only deal with the virtual and digital. The two are not mutually exclusive. Instead, when paired well, it enriches the learning experience.

In the use of TinyTap, this can be one of the considerations when designing a lesson around it. I have attempted to create a sample of what it might look like in An ABC Meal.

Instead of using digital illustrations, I have used sketches, collages and real objects. If the actual objects needed for a scene could be found, it would make it so much easier to use a good photo of that. If not, a learner could certainly draw, colour, look for images in magazines, cut these out and assemble their images before taking a photo for use in their TinyTap creation.

For the ABC Meal game,  I have also created reusable “backdrop” to set new scenes such as the table, fridge, cupboard and garden. Again, something that could be considered by any teacher.(Perhaps I could produce more of such backdrops for distribution.)

In this game, I have also used a photo from a magazine to create the main character. For a very personalised game, a learner’s photo, and her/his name, used as the main character. Wouldn’t that be very unforgettable? I have also made the arms changeable so as to get different poses, much like a puppet. (Anyone out there would like a personalised version of ABC Meal? I am available for commission.)

What are other ideas that could use this approach? How do you feel about such an approach?

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