Multitouch Memories

Photo 13-8-16, 9 01 18 PM

With the technology available today, it is really quite easy for our seniors to be able capture their memories, thoughts and insights in multimedia and with multi-touch touch features. Many may find it a little intimidating. I think that TinyTap is just the tool to make this very accessible to them and it is my hope to share this with as many seniors as possible.

Last Friday, I was finally able to create a sample with my good friend Richard. He has such a wonderful collection and knowledgeable recollection from his Peranakan heritage. So, we worked on our first multi-touch photo album about the young Nyonya’s dressing.

Photo 12-8-16, 1 10 44 PM

Richard arranged the photos on screen, typed in the text, decided on what to say and recorded himself. Within the first 15 minutes or so, he was comfortably creating on TinyTap. This photo album was completed in just over 2 hours.

Photo 15-8-16, 8 10 46 AM

What a delight that it is now featured as a favourite on the TinyTap site.

Please take a look and give us your feedback. If you know of seniors who would like to do something similar, or would like to sponsor a workshop for seniors to do this, please get in touch with me at


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