Bug Buddies

This is a delayed post about 2 recent TinyTap games I created. I was starting to experiment a little more with the revised Paper53 app and at about the same time, the fabulous folks at TinyTap added another cool feature Tap and Type, so what better than to see how these can come together in a new game! And I made 2 instead.

First about the illustrations. Compared to the vector drawings created with Inkpad previously, these has a more hand-drawn feel to it. It really did not take me too long to draw all these and I love that effect of highlighting with colour pencil. This time, I did not create any accompanying worksheets but I think that it would be more challenging to make line drawings out of these images.

Now, why two games? The Tap and Type function is a little more difficult to use when dealing with Chinese input. So, while creating it, I thought an English game would be an easier way to test out user reaction to such a feature. 

For the Chinese game, the device must be set to Chinese input via pinyin for the Tap and Type part to work best. A visual guide for this step on the iPad is in a link hidden in the second word 心 of the game’s name. 

I wanted to present the player a choice rather than a linear game play and so each little segment ends with a return to the front page at which to hunt down the bug that the player wants. I hope this is a nice feature rather than an irritation. The problem then is how to end the game? That “escape” is also hidden in the page. Happy hunting! But this aspect does mess up the final scoring of these games. 

To access the games, click on the images above. 


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