Google Drive App

As we get students to learn collaboratively and also explore the use of technology in learning, we would go on a look out for apps that allow for collaborative work.

During the design of a distance eLearning project, we found Google Drive to be a really powerful platform for collaboration. Students were able to work on the same document and see each other’s contribution, chat on the side and even have all these activities tracked.

Some students had problem doing this when they were using their iPads at home. It was only later that we discovered the Google Drive app which allows for better interactivity and collaboration.

Since then, we have used it in English classes and this has enabled students to work through their separate iPads on co-created documents. It has been truly engaging for all students.

Update: While writing this post, I was introduced to the QuickOffice app which works with Google Drive. It is now offered for free and it comes with an offer of 10 GB extra space on Google Drive if you link it to Quickoffice.  More about that in another post.


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