Read Aloud

In a conversation with a lovely couple, they shared with me how when their child first attended school, he was unable to read. They then started reading aloud to him every night without fail, and now he is doing well in the university.

Read aloud

Reading aloud is indeed useful on many levels. Much has been said about reading aloud for language acquisition and parent-child bonding. There are “ten commandments” and a handbook for reading aloud, and even a Read Aloud Day.

Reading aloud is also a good strategy for writing when students read out their own writing.

It is also a great idea that students can choose text they like to be read aloud to the class.

Can technology be of help? We could record our reading as video or sound files and then listen to ourselves or share it with others. There are also speech-to-text functions we could tap on. If you are using the iPad, it is a accessibility feature that could be activated to read a given text or one we have written. You can also head to the Storyline Online site which offers actors reading children’s books aloud.

While most of this is about the acquisition of English Language, I am sure it works equally well for other languages too.

Yes, reading aloud is not just for young children but for older ones and for adults too. Let’s hear from you.


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