Spin a Connection

I had the pleasure recently of spending time in Room 121.

This is not a real room of course but a metaphorical place that John and Jamie has created for sharing a year-long worth of ways to make business communication better. In essence, it is about making connection through words.

Interestingly, even though we would think that business writing would be largely non-fiction in nature and so belong to a very different genre, much of the creative exercises suggested were more commonly associated with fiction and creative writing. Often including an element of storytelling.

In our language classrooms, I hear that there is a shift in emphasis from narrative writing to expository and argumentation writing. Hopefully, this does not lead to a neglect of narrative writing altogether. Already Literature is not much valued in schools, and so we hope that good quality storytelling is still introduced and appreciated by students in one way or another.

The seemingly simple elements of character, setting and plot are powerful in what could be created through them.

Inklestudios has a enticing way of making storytelling into a game. They have not only created interactive stories, but have also provided a platform for anyone to try their hands at producing their own.

What’s your story?


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