Are you self-conscious when you hear a recording of your voice?

I normally would cringe a little. So, it was such a pleasure seeing some preschoolers record their voices and enjoying listening to themselves. Last week, a friend told me that his son realised that he is an auditory learner and would record himself reading into his iPod and then listening afterwards for his revision.

For a long time now, even though sound recording is not exactly that difficult a technology to bring into the classroom, with the exception for language labs, it is probably not something commonly used in teaching and learning.

Tape Recorder

With devices like the iPad which have integrated mic for voice recording, the opportunity for exploring the use of voice in the classroom is beckoning.

We could start with the many iPad apps that are not solely for sound recording but allow students to use voice recordings as part of their creating process. These include ShowMe, Toontastic, Book CreatorTiny Tap and many more.

For apps meant for sound recording, here are 2 ways in which they can be used.

There is SoundCloud which allows for listeners to leave comments at specific points of the recording. In a Language classroom, this would come in useful to point out areas for improvement in oral presentations. For other subjects, comments about the content could be added at specific points.

For recordings that comes creates a URL for sharing the recording, such as when you use AudioBoo, the URL can be made into QR Codes. In this way, these QR Codes can be placed near exhibits or signage so that the students can introduce their works or give direction verbally.

Sounds good to you?




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An educator at large and learner at heart. Founder of Pauseability. Encouraging everyone to learn to pause, and pause to learn.
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