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Learning through sharing is certainly a useful approach for teachers and students alike. Especially in a time of easy access to and faced with an increasing flood of information, curation is often appreciated.

For educators, Pinterest and Learnist are valuable sharing sites to explore.

Pinterest is a visually-driven sharing site at which you can “pin” inspiring images from the web. The “pins” can then be organised by themes, and when browsing other pin boards, one can follow the links, share by re-pinning and of course add comments too. Be intrigued by the many boards tagged for education.

I find those Pinterest boards about preschool and elementary education especially interesting because of the visually colourful resources that are shared.

Click here for a useful infographic and here for a written guide about the use of Pinterest in education.

A caution about using Pinterest is that those under 13 requires parental permission and there might be images on Pinterest that might not be appropriate for the young.

Learnist is built around learning – for learning new things and for sharing what we know through “learn boards” that could be used to file websites and learning resources.

In many ways, Learnist is similar to Pinterest. At its debut, some have commented that Learnist is Pinterest for learning.

Again, there are many ways teachers and students can leverage on this for learning. Browse through the Education category Learnist boards for a start.

You might also find this list of useful Learnist boards helpful.

There are also apps for both Pinterest and Learnist.

And Flipboard has recently added the feature of creating your own magazine from the news feed. Very similar concept I would say.


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