Play Play (Ep 3)

“The Dramatic Play”


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It is perhaps no coincidence that putting up a dramatic presentation is also called presenting a play.

Imaginative play, also called masak-masak in local parlance, is (and hopefully not just used to be) a significant part of our childhood. Through these we learn social rules, forge imagination, test out our silliest dreams and burst out in gregarious giggles.

On one hand, we see technology giving form to imagination (think the hyper real movie for say Lord of the Rings, a fictional tale), thus reshaping the place and need for imagination. On the other hand, technology gives access to creative tools like never before, for instance, even the youngest child can take a good photo and video and it is not too difficult to edit videos either (say with iMovie on the iPad).

There is a place for dramatic play in teaching and learning, and not just for Language Art classes. Yes, even for Maths and Science.

This video shows part of the D4LC programme. More ideas can be found here.


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