What’s your dream?

Is having dreams important?

If so, do we encourage and give space to our young to dream?

In any creative endeavour, for that matter to live creatively, one needs to have a clear sense of vision. This not only provides the direction, it also gives the drive for the courage and resilience needed in creativity. In Creative Leadership by Puccio et al, they identified the attending affective skill to visionary thinking as dreaming – the ability to imagine as possible our desires and hopes.

Dreams stems from an optimistic heart that allows for possibilities. As Puccio et al puts it: as a result of Dreaming, you expand your horizon of possibilities and enlarge your reality well beyond what you might normally consider.

So what constraints us to only consider what we normally do? Why don’t we feel comfortable or even excited about possibilities?

If we recognise that creative/innovative/inventive/entrepreneurial ability is a core requirement in this fast-changing era now and ahead of us, then nurturing this affective skill of Dreaming would be a concern for parents and educators. I wonder whether we have ever thought about this aspect as part of the learning process. Perhaps it  has not quite been the buzz word yet.

At a recent workshop with fellow educators, we discussed briefly about whether there is a difference between dreams and ambition. When asked if any of us have had a conversation in our classes about dreams, one teacher shared about a child who hoped to become a plastic surgeon and probably because that would make her rich. Does this qualify for a dream? Whatever our stand, it is nonetheless a start.

If we were to make a video about our dreams, what would we say? It might be fun, insightful and instructive to get our children to project themselves into the future and make a video introducing their future self. And we do not need to stop at one video per person either?

After profiling many young innovators, Tony Wagner identified a pattern of play, passion and purpose that drive them. Creative play leading to deep-seated interests which blossomed into a deep purpose to make a difference (Creating Innovators). The starting steps to an inspiring dream might then be to give room for play and the discovery of our passions.


About pauseability

An educator at large and learner at heart. Founder of Pauseability. Encouraging everyone to learn to pause, and pause to learn.
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