It has been said that we all of at least a book in each of us waiting to be written. Today, the chance of not only writing but also publishing our own books is literally at our finger tips. What’s more, it is not just limited to blogging but instead with today’s technology, we can create full-colour, beautifully laid-out multi-media book at next to no cost and with a most gentle learning curve too.

As teachers, this really presents a vast vista of opportunities to tap on this. We could put together our own textbook that is tailored to how we wish to run our lessons. Imagine the thrill and joy on the faces of our students when they too get to publish their work and even more when they get to see how others outside the classroom are reacting to their work.

iBooks Author is a free Mac app that is easy to use and helps you publish professional looking digital books. One of its features is the ability to widgets which brings interactivity to the book. The Review widget that helps create quizzes is possibly a favourite among teachers.

In Singapore, the iBook store is not yet available and so we are not yet able to publish there. One challenge of creating multimedia iBook is the huge file size. Bookry works well with iBooks Author to overcome these issues. It offers some interesting widgets, especially interesting are the one for embedding Youtube videos and those that allow readers to send back feedback to the author. It also comes with a bookstore for sharing your books, and when done that way, there are also statistics available.

Click here for a sample that I published in Bookry.

If you are looking at creating a book using the iPad, then you should consider the Book Creator app.


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An educator at large and learner at heart. Founder of Pauseability. Encouraging everyone to learn to pause, and pause to learn.
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