Use Your Brain

Technology today has allowed us to find out more about how our brain works than ever before.  Neuroscience is an exciting albeit relatively new field that offers much insights about ourselves, and one that I feel is especially useful for educators to keep a tab on.

Technology today, in particular digital technology, has become so ubiquitous that it must have some effects on our brain. This infographics presents some of the more disturbing effects:

internet and the brain

So, do you find your attention span waning? Or even suffering from multiple profile disorder?

Ever wonder what effects the internet might have had on brainy Einstein? The next best thing perhaps is that we can now see slices of Einstein’s brain through an iPad app.

Can’t get enough? Let’s have a medical student show you some more apps for looking into the brain.

In a future post, I will mention some books about neuroscience. If you have any other recommendations for apps or books, do let me know.


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