Game Creation

We enjoy playing games, maybe not all games, but generally, games are meant to be fun and playful. When we get to create the games, including role-plays like masak-masak, the process of inventing the rules and form of the game can be thrilling. And we learn through both the playing and the creating of the game, if in fact the creating is not also a form of playing.

Today, we are all too familiar with the complaints that our children are just too absorbed in virtual games. There is certainly value in tinkering, which we shall explore at a later time, but computer gaming cannot be all bad. There has been attempts at creating games that are educational but most have not been as engaging as the commercial ones.

Another approach that could be explored more is to get the students involved in the creation of the games too. Here are two examples that I have recently come across.

Firstly, Valve developed Portal 2 Puzzle Maker which the Institute of Play and Fast Company reported on in this video – Portal 2. (Thanks Theo for pointing this out.)

There is also Tiny Tap, an iPad app that enables the creation of a simple visual quiz. While it says that it could be used by children age 1 to 10, I imagine that a similar concept could be used even for older ones.

Let’s play!


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