Monster Match and the Art of Video Conferencing

Monster Match

The thing that attracted me to this lesson idea video was the subtitle – using art to improve writing. I am most interested in art and storytelling, and to being able to combine them certainly gets my attention (and I hope to have more posts on these).

However, my thoughts after watching the video was on neither art nor writing. Instead, I was intrigued by the use of video conferencing. All the more when I saw that a question listed was: In what ways does video conferencing extend the learning experience for students?

Being able to use video conference used to be a milestone event that required must logistical setup and it was pricey. It was touted as an example of how ICT will breakdown the walls of the classroom and bring the world in. Today, just about anyone can easily setup a video conference, but I think it is possibly one of the things not much leveraged upon for teaching and learning.

In this lesson, the video conference was with another class in order for the students to test out their descriptions. Would it have made a difference if this was just done within the class? Instinctively, I feel that it has not added as much value as it could have aside from the novelty factor. For such a lesson, how could we have used video conferencing differently, if at all?


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